• Street art biennale in Moscow
    <a href="http://rbth.com/photo_of_the_day/2014/09/30/street_art_biennale_in_moscow_40255.html"><img src="http://nl.media.rbth.ru/daily/201409/30/RIAN_02500429_m.jpg" border="0" alt=""/></a><br/>
  • U.S. ambassador regrets Russia's withdrawal from FLEX educational program
    <a href="http://rbth.com/news/2014/09/30/us_ambassador_regrets_russias_withdrawal_from_flex_educational_program_40254.html"><img src="http://nl.media.rbth.ru/web/en-rbth/images/2013-10/big/RTR3FG9I_us_468.jpg" border="0" alt=""/></a><br/>The United States regrets Russia's decision to cancel the participation of Russian school students in Future Leaders Exchange, a school exchange ...
  • The Arabian Cup equestrian show gallops into Moscow
    <a href="http://rbth.com/multimedia/slideshows/2014/09/30/the_arabian_cup_equestrian_show_gallops_into_moscow_40227.html"><img src="http://nl.media.rbth.ru/web/en-rbth/images/2014-09/big/616_horse.jpg" border="0" alt=""/></a><br/>The Moscow Arabian Cup is one of the biggest events in the equestrian world and, for the first time in its ...
  • Formula 1 rolls into Sochi
    <a href="http://rbth.com/sport/2014/09/30/formula_1_rolls_into_sochi_40249.html"><img src="http://nl.media.rbth.ru/web/en-rbth/images/2014-09/big/GS97-2701-468.jpg" border="0" alt=""/></a><br/>Motor racing: Demanding new track promises excitement for drivers and fans at its top-class debut next month
  • COREPER opposes reviewing anti-Russian sanctions
    It means that so far the member states see not grounds for reviewing the EU restrictive measures against Russia
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  • In Tolstoy's Footsteps
    One hundred and twenty-five years ago, Lev Tolstoy made the first of several walking journeys from Moscow to Tula ? a distance of nearly 200 ...
  • Sergei Dovlatov
    This issue's Uchites language learning section focuses on writer Sergei Dovlatov, who would have been 70 this month.
  • The Little Soyuz that Could
    The end of American shuttle flights gives Russia a de facto monopoly on carrying humans to the International Space Station. What does this mean for ...
  • The Passing of Yelena Bonner
    An obituary of Yelena Bonner by a fellow dissident.
  • Lucky Murmansk
    Murmansk was founded 95 years ago this October. We look back at the history of its founding and its appearance in a particularly important piece ...


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